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A few years back, I took my mother up to the top - She was 72 at the time and put a few blondes out on a hen weekend to shame.
If I do go again, I'll camp in Little Yosemite Valley or just a bit higher up. I'll take my boys and have them carry some of my camera equipment for me (probably just the 5x7 and not the 8x10). So I won't rule it out altogether, it is just that photography is more important than another trip to the top...and the view from the top is not all that unique or interesting photographically for me.

For that amount of effort, I'd rather take the 8x10 and start at Porcupine Flat and head to Indian Rock and North Dome (and back down to the Valley via Snow Creek or Yosemite Falls), or a similar hike...and on that hike I would not be seeing more than a handful of people, if that (except for the Yosemite Falls leg).

My parents hiked up to Mount Whitney at 60 years old. I have not been there yet, but getting to the top of mountains has never been a driving force for me. While backpacking in the Sierras I have done quite a bit of wandering towards the tops, sometimes getting there, most of the time not. Lying on my back in a high Sierra meadow at 11,000+ feet elevation calls to me as much as standing on the top looking down at them.