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Rare lens?
About two years ago I was looking for an Elcan 50mm enlarging lens (searching for one for years) and I found one I was willing to buy. I then forgot to bid on it. It turned out the seller dumped 20 Elcan enlarging lenses on ebay and they all sold for about 50$ apiece. I was totally shocked.

I am still shocked today.
I am being ruthless about this search, I stand about as good a chance at finding one of these as I do a 45mm Apo-N, but that is another story.

I just got off the phone with the photo director of a well known arts center near where I am. I asked if they had the lens and they said they would look. But the more interesting thing was that when I asked about the lens, I had mentioned I thought of them because as far as I had heard, they had mothballed their darkroom workshops. As it has turned out, the studio clerk has since cleaned and got the darkroom back up and they are offering at least an alternative process workshop this Summer, the first in years, a week long digital neg. to Platinum workshop, certainly a start.

A quote by the photo studio manager:

"In recent discussions with program coordinators, it was universally agreed upon that the traditional darkroom will make a noticeable comeback, film it self has simply become alternative process."