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Eh, what? Kodak is coating everything on just one machine. Color sells lots more than black & white. If Kodak stops making color, then it will also be shutting down everything for good. Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish. A smattering of cross-processing Lomographers is not enough to prop up a major manufacturing plant.
Is that true? I thought PE indicated there is more than 1 coating machine. I don't believe it is fair for one to theorize it is all or nothing at this point...

ADOX scaled down from massive to lean...don't give up hope:

"ADOX Fotowerke GmbH is working under low automatisation with a large degreee of manual work.
This enables us to be very flexible and manufacture many different types of films and papers without much overhead and fixed costs. Our workflow today is not far away form the original ADOX Dr. C. Schleussner Fotowerke which also used similar machines in their times, but we are now much smaller.
Even after the "digital revolution" ADOX still stands strong for a comprehensive range of classic photographic products."