Nice review and photos, Eric. I have a 35RD too, carry it everywhere, and just love it. One thing you didn't mention is its extreme low light capability - I ran a roll of Tri-X 400 through mine, exposing at 3200 (set the camera at ISO 800, under expose two more stops manually). The shots that I properly exposed came out great, after souping in Rodinal 1+100 for 2 hours stand dev. My talented "D" photog friend said he didn't think his Pentax K5 would produce images as clean at 3200 as mine came out.

One question, not to step too close to the "D" line here, and not to open a can of worms - how did you conclude you could get 64megs out of your 35RD? I always assumed 35mm film was able to resolve the equivalent of somewhere between 14megs and 20megs of information.