I got the flash with my deal too, and thank God - the Sunpack I own is well... the size of two Canonets

I also picked up a Bell&Howell Canonet 19 - much bigger, heavier, but I do love it - what an honest bit of equipment! I understand it was made in 1961... and I took it out of the box it came in and put two rolls of film through it in the first day. As could be expected, the meter works well enough when its bright out - but its accuracy falls of with the light available - typical of the early photo-cell type meter. Other than that, it proved more capable than I am

The rangefinder image is a little bit dim - is this typical on the 19's? Can it be corrected? I did swab everyting I could reach after removing the top plate with rubbing alcohol, and it did help a bit. Anything else - or is it just an inherent part of this camera?