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BTW, did you know that the T* coating on standard Hasselblad lenses block all UV and IR light? Look at the Zeiss page for the 250SA...it talks about the reasons that the "specialty" lenses aren't T* coated.
This is interesting ... but I suspect that somewhere in this there is a product of "hyping" - overstatement for the sake of advertising. If the "T*" coating "stops UV and IR light" ... or whatever the statement was ... why do the "standard T* coated" lenses have an IR focusing index mark?

The T* coating by itself, might, indeed remove UV ... but the usual lens glasses do that by themselves.

Altogether, I sense the "over use" of superlatives ... "Perfect Correction" which is later modified to "corrected as well as possible" ... so that I'd be suspicious ... skeptical enough to cantact Zeiss and Hasselblad for clarification.