Having recently read through this thread I tried several of the methods mentioned. At the moment I'm printing with single and double weight Ilford MG IV FB, both glossy and matte.

1. Taping the well-squeeged print to glass with a painters-grade masking tape works great, and the tape removes cleanly if you're careful.

2. If I'm in a hurry, or doing a pile of prints or proof sheets, I do the following:
- squeegee thoroughly
- bulk dry sandwiched between two window screens (cheap ones from Walmart)
- final dry between two mat boards with a layer of baking-grade parchment paper (silicone impregnated) on the image side to protect the emulsion, topped with a heavy book.

With the second method, it doesn't require a great deal of pressure, just enough to keep it flat while it drys. It may also help (depending on how much moisture is left in the paper after the bulk drying) to replace the matt board after a couple hours. I've stacked as many as six or eight layers of mat board this way without a problem. Drying time will of course vary greatly depending on the humidity, but I usually leave it at least a day or two.

Unless you're using a press, try to avoid heat. Slower drying promotes flatter drying.