02 Mar 2012

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Today I found drpsilvers really great shot "Me, the bean, Chicago" in my letterbox. Is that a traffic mirror?
No it is not a traffic mirror. "The Bean" is a large sculpture in the shape of a kidney bean that has a smooth mirrored surface. There is not a planer surface anywhere on the sculpture, so everything is distorted. It sits in the middle of a large plaza in Millennium Park in Chicago

The cards that landed in my mailbox this week are ....
A photo of leaves from Winger. I like the shadows that give the print depth. Well done.
A print from Nige that successfully accomplishes something I have been trying to do - photograph a sunset/sunrise in black & white. Have you really participated in all the Postcard Exchanges? If so, WOW!!
Two prints from bluejeh and bluejeh2 of very different subjects. Nice sharp close-up of a coffee carafe and a photo reminiscent of Bodie here in California. What a combination - a connection to my favorite drink and one of my favorite subjects.