I revisited the .pdf file from Kodak. There is enogh here to study for a week.

There are a great deal of "caveats", especially directed at the *extrapolation* of data and the projections of the future performance of the color papers in question. Three, or, at best, four "data points" observed over a time span of one year are extrapolated to infer perfromance as far as 200 years in the future.

I would pay particular attention to the discussion of "ambient environmental factors". I know that one museum in the Boston area is now preserving photographs, art, and other documents in gas-tight frames filled with argon gas - and there has been ongoing discussion into the effects of acid-freee, Ph balanced, Lignin-free matting .... and quite possibly, the effect of the local Brujo's spells .... and the position of Jupiter and the Plieades ....

Anyhow ... I *LIKE* Ilfocolor, especially when processed in JOBO/Tetenal chemicals.