Analog cinema fans, this is free for the cost of shipping:
Basic, cheap 8mm/16mm "Mico" brand editor. This really is just a basic film viewer. It is poorly constructed and has fallen apart, hence why its free. The mirrors have fallen apart, lamp is burned out, and its missing some screws. However, the original box is included, though its falling apart. I also wouldn't trust it not to scratch film. It has about a 3" plastic yellowed screen. Buy hey -- its worth what you pay for it, and could be repaired if you really wanted to! Please realize, even though this is called an editor, it has no film splicer, winder, or shutter mechanism. Its just a viewer.

I just thought I'd make the offer before I threw this one in the trash.

I estimate shipping to be between $10 and $15. I will charge you actual shipping cost, no handling or packaging fee. I accept personal check, money order, or PayPal, USA only please.

Please PM me if interested. Thanks!