I've got many cards this week, thanks to every body ! :

Bluejeh's Coffee carafe is a very neat shot, and the lighting is amazing !
Bluejeh2's landscape has a great feel of perspective, and the textures on the house are very nice.
Winger's leaves. The white background really helps the picture. I, too, have something for leaves, but never tried to shoot them "off location". This is something I have to try !
unknown's (unsigned card) color panoramic view of NYC. Wonderful cityscape, I hope I have the chance to go there somtimes.
Christopher Coy's Zydeco player. Neat composition for this closeup. I love accordion (not the "French typical" valse musette, but the diatonic one) and I'd really like to go there to listen to the music.
Drpsilver's self portrait "Me, The Bean, Chicago" is really amazing, with all the distortions.

Thanks !