Family and work do take quiet a bit of time.

I'm mostly weaned from the TV. Not much good to watch has helped that, as did being without satellite/cable for a couple years in times past. I don't go out and party or get drunk.

I also keep a camera in my car and sometimes it's worth five minutes during/before/after work to use it. Keep a camera at home ready too. It's part of being prepared.

I have a dedicated darkroom and can keep things ready to go (almost) in there. I process film one night, chop and scan some negatives another night, make wet prints another night or rainy weekend day.

I've got plenty of nice prints, but don't fill the walls with prints. I put a few family or local scenes up on the walls. Lots of stuff I shoot doesn't have a good reason to go on the wall; it's a home not an art gallery.