Nice to know it doesn't get any easier! I've not been working since finishing university in August and spent much of the last 6 months studying photography. I know that once I do find work, that this, more than making photographs will be the most difficult thing to find time for. Studying and thinking photography, I find, uses up much more of my mental resources (and time) than simply going out making images or printing, even with real artistic intent - which for me, is the realisation of all that thinking and studying. If simply taking photographs and printing is your main concern, rather than any artistic goals that require really 'thinking photography' (both pre and post-shoot), then finding a few hours to... relieve yourself, as it were, I find is never the problem. The dilemma occurs when attempting to fulfil goals within your hobby, rather than simply enjoying the process. I think my goals just happen to be massively aspirational, because of my age and my dedication to this as a potential life - which may or may not come to fruition. I think artistic goals are determined and restricted by your lifestyle, whatever it might be. My problem is focus, which is a result of how much free time I have to procrastinate. If my life was clear cut and organised around work and a family, perhaps I'd be more focused with an allocated spot for photography - my time to shine. All I can really say is, with all the free time in the world, it's still a headache.