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And dearest 36cm2, perhaps you ought to thank your lucky stars that the business world has not shunned you. Your 'taxed toleration' for the "administrative trivia" that you must suffer causes this queer to think that perhaps you are not seeing (or seeking) life as you should. Perhaps more creativity, with the time you have, would dissuade you from focusing upon your dire 'loss'. Remember, you actually get a paycheck at the end of the week and get to buy that extra roll of film. At the end of your hectic day find 20 minutes to photograph something that will provide you with potential for future creativity. Yes, 36cm2, armed with extension tubes, even your exploration of a mere speck of dust can provide an interesting dimension, apart from the more mundane. Oftentimes, we fail to see what is already there.

Try being persistently unemployed in order to discover just what rancor frustration is capable of fomenting. No unemployment, no welfare, no freebies, no 'entitlements due to my sorry lot in life, just hearing the anger of the 'culturally deprived' who dislike their so-called dire situation (who happen to receive a handsome paycheck at the end of the work week).

NOTA BENE 36cm2: I hate you not, but I wanted to apprise you of your need to correct your skewed perception. Besides, oftentimes, creativity comes directly from frustration.
+1. Well said David.