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From his own site:

"One thing the digital revolution did is give us back our darkrooms (Photoshop, et.al.). It also let us (kind of) design our own film. A US$999 DSLR coupled with some good software and a monitor calibrator and a US$500 printer gives you full control over everything from capture to final 13x19" print. FULL control. As in "if it ain't right in the print you did something wrong." As some of you may surmise, I'm a closet control freak. Give me the power to do my own thing and I do. So I jumped on digital as far back as the early 1990's, starting with scanners and printers, but eventually opting to go 100% digital. I've put my time into the wet darkroom of the film days. I've processed just about everything except Kodachrome, and printed everything. Let me tell you, digital is ultimately not only easier, but gives you a finer degree of repeatable control."

So why would I listen to this guy?
It's a matter of choice. I'm guessing the probable narrowing of choice and a sense of powerlessness are what have been stressing us all out in these threads recently. Tell me I'm wrong?