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I agree with you, Steve. You have to actively choose what to do with your life.
+1,. Like any good North American, I compartmentalize my life: from Monday to Friday, I work (generally 12 hour days), hit the gym for an hour, and sleep, with little time for anything beyond reading my newspapers. I could complain about the long hours but I am still climbing the ladder. The weekends, however, are mine, and mine alone. The cell is put on mute and the volume on the land-line is turned off; I only check each periodically in case of emergency/expected calls from family or friends (work be damned!) I allocate one day for errands/household chores/pleasure reading/messing about (usually Saturday) and the second for photography-related activities (weather will sometimes change the order of things). What I do not waste time doing is parking my a** in front of a television set...EVER! Life is too short - and there are way too many more interesting things to see, do and shoot - to sit around being passively entertained into a stupor.