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I'm inundated. Between work, family and ever-increasing admininistrative BS, how do you cope, find the time, find the mind, and realize your goals ...
Whether the goals are photography, or anything else... I'm spending quite a bit of time lately trying to pare the goals down to soemthing closer to reasonable. That is becoming the only way to stay sane. At work they once said we have to "do more with less". That time is long gone. We did that, then had to "do the same with less". Nobody wants to admit that even THAT time has passed and the only sensible thing is to admit that we might have to "do less with less". There is only so much time and energy that we have.

So getting more direct... my focus has been on my family, followed by keeping my job and doing the best I can at it. Photography only happens when there is free time from both of those, which is infrequent.