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I'm inundated. Between work, family and ever-increasing admininistrative BS, how do you cope, find the time, find the mind, and realize your goals in film photography.
I realized my previous post may have been hasty. I have been in your shoes with the job eating ever more chunks of my time. I was on the systems side of things then and have since reverted back to the applications side of IT (it took a change of employers to make this happen). I find I'm much happier doing applications type stuff than systems type stuff. There's a little bit of system administration in my current job but it is minimal as the system generally runs itself day-to-day, which frees us IT types up to do the constant system enhancements that need done.

I also try to only work the hours I was hired to work. When something extra comes up, I ask "What would you like pushed down on the priority list so I can get this done?" When they say they want it all, then I decide for them which items get pushed down on the list. Occasionally working a big chunk of overtime is one thing, but it is not okay in my book to constantly ask your employees to work overtime without compensating them for it in some fashion. (I don't get paid for overtime, can you tell?)

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Like any good North American, I compartmentalize my life: from Monday to Friday, I work
This is a big help. Although occasionally I get a really great idea for how to solve something at work during my free time, and then I'm scurrying around to get it recorded in some fashion to try the next day at work. As for the family time, well, my philosophy is be glad you have them, and spend time with them while they're here. You're gonna miss them when they're no longer here (and I don't mean dead necessarily, family does sometimes move away). Think of the memories you can record on film and work that sort of thing into your photography. I shot a whole roll of slide film on nothing but my son's birthday party.

My problem right now is that everything is gray and brown outside. The most colorful thing out there right now is the blue tarp that we set the swimming pool up on in the summer for the kids. Not a lot of color, so I'm thinking my next roll of film will be the B&W I have sitting in the fridge.

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