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My most orphaned format? Digital.
Ditto. :wink:
I vary rarely use 127, although I have a few 127 cameras. I always tend to shove a 35mm cartridge in the Kodak Brownie 127, and the Brownie Reflex isn't holding up too well. I replaced the felt in the Ansco Dollar, so I might give that a go soon if I can source some nicely priced film. The Kodak Hawkeye Ace is probably the smallest box camera Kodak ever made, so that one's fun to shoot with. Although it was with a roll of Gratispool film that expired in the early 1970s. I will definitely use the Vest Pocket Kodak once I've dealt with the pinholes as well. But so far, I've only shot two very expired rolls of 127, and I haven't developed either yet. (Haven't bought the chems ) Besides, one of those rolls was Triple Print. Although, I've heard success stories from developing with HC-110 at 10C for 8 minutes...
If I didn't have my 126 cartridge for reloading, that would definitely be my big orphaned format. Fortunately, I do have one, and have been having a great time reloading it with 35mm.