The worst part of all this is how the people who are working non-compartmentalized jobs are almost locked up into it. It's a two way street and on one hand you benefit by higher pay, but on the other you get screwed by time and commitments.

To truly be free of this time crunch you've either got to be rich or somehow find the perfect job that allows you to combine both without risk of the job killing what you originally enjoyed.

By far, eliminate all sources of passive entertainment like television, etc. I do still listen to certain shows on the radio because I actually learn something from them. TV, no.

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Occasionally working a big chunk of overtime is one thing, but it is not okay in my book to constantly ask your employees to work overtime without compensating them for it in some fashion. (I don't get paid for overtime, can you tell?)
And that's how the screws are tightened...

It's funny, you don't generally see middle/upper management working during this time either..