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None of these are finished prints obviously, but now I know that I can actually get something from them. I'm assuming that I was holding on to the notion that f/8 was the best for enlarging. Somewhere I must have heard that enlarging lenses work their best two stops down from wide open, and I guess I was too scare to try something else. I'm going to continue to read over all the advice given and go back for more practice over the next few weeks or so.
Thanks again!
You're definitely making progress, sir.

However, it *is* normal to use enlarging lenses at f/5.6-f/11. You should not have to stop all the way down to f/22 just to get a usable time. This is concerning to me that even at f/22 you're only around 15 seconds.

It's been a few months since I've been printing, so slightly fuzzy, but I regularly remember with 8x10 prints, Emaks #2 paper, around 16-32 seconds at f/8-f/11 - depending on negative of course, but with 135. Even with 6x6, I was still somewhere around 16 seconds or so with standard apertures. Never stopped down to f/22. Using a DeVere 504, 250w halogen, dichroic head.

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I'll try it. At least I can SEE the House of Voodoo now though! LOL Like I said, these are just preliminary working prints. I'll try tweaking it in the coming weeks.
Somehow you've got to reign in the right-side highlights, but in general I think the exposure on the left is fine, maybe slightly softer contrast needed.