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It's a matter of choice. I'm guessing the probable narrowing of choice and a sense of powerlessness are what have been stressing us all out in these threads recently. Tell me I'm wrong?
You're not wrong - and I believe it's one of the reasons a lot of analog people actively detest newer digital technology. Their choice is being taken away and being placed into the hands of the manufacturers, their sensor designs, etc. Sure, Kodak, Ilford, Fuji, Agfa, etc. films have a certain look for each one, but the user of them still had inherent flexibility in each both on the exposure and development side. Analog people, typically being DIY in nature, love this! I love it! I'd hate for the organic nature of these materials to be reduced down to an inflexible formula.

That's the issue. The inherent "life" within analog materials and how we work with them.