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The problem is you're entirely all about economics, and the majority of people here are NOT about the economics of photography.

For Christ sakes man, you're on The Analog Photography Users Group. Have you figured that out yet? Everything about this forum is focused on quality, not quantity. Again, again, again, APUG is not about the mass market consumer. You keep equating everything with that because you cannot break out of our own obsession with economics and how that relates to film photography.

We've heard you, countless times now, people are not absolutely disagreeing with every single one of your points about economics - they're just tired of hearing about it and focus on other aspects of why analog photography is a powerful and meaningful form of expression.

You can't keep your head out of the numbers though.
For God's sake man, Thom Hogan is the source of this thread's info and he has a long treatise on the financial situation of film photography, most of it related to the "size of ponds" argument, which is 100% an economic allegory!

That's the OP.

You're in the wrong thread, not me in the wrong forum. That should be obvious.