I get a giggle that guys like Thom need ever more "technologically sophisticated" digital cameras to photograph with.
Strange. The most beautiful photographic works I have seen have been created with Wistas, Linhofs and the big guns of medium format, Hasselblad, Pentax, Bronica. Clearly he has a blinkered view of what photography is about, and that applies to all those sucking up to the next best/greatest/technologically advanced thing to achieve what the wiser amongst us have been turning out for decades.

Aristophanes, do you ever get out and photograph, use a camera? You are very, veery negatively geared on your discussion of film. I don't think we want to hear about what an economist thinks of film. It's what photographers can do with it that matters. Now please get up, go out and photograph, then come back and talk about that.