I'm not sure if anyone has posted this DIY before but I thought it was something that might be of help. That and I was bored tonight and needed something to do haha. Please excuse any grammatical errors as it is 130am and I'm about to start writing this. This DIY is for my silver Nikon FM, I'm not sure if the FE is the same so please follow this DIY at your own risk.

Overall the DIY was pretty straightforward and only took a couple hours with me being exceedingly careful. Difficulty was like 5/10, not very hard at all.


I picked up this Nikon FM secondhand and it has served me well. The problem I was having is when I would turn the aperture ring on the lens, the meter couple ring on the camera body would get stuck. For example, I would turn from f/22 to f/1.8 and the meter coupling ring would "stick" and not spring back.

Also the seals on the camera were getting pretty crusty. The mirror would get stuck in the 'up' position and stick to the mirror damper pad. So I thought this would be a good time to fix these issues on my camera.

Part 1: Metering Ring Clean or Replace:

Please keep in mind I am just cleaning my metering ring out. If you want to replace yours, the procedure is the same!

1. First step is to gather all of your stuff. I used:
  • Screwdriver set
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Q-tips
  • Brain (optional)
  • Helping hands (optional)

2. With the camera mount side up, begin by undoing the four screws that hold the mount onto the body.

3. Screws removed.

4. Next lift the lens mount off the body.

5. I like storing small parts in used Altoid tins. This prevents mad tron from losing stuff and throwing things everywhere.

6. Undo the four screws highlighted below. Some FM's have a little tin gasket, this one does not (my black one has the gasket). If you have the little tin gasket, simply lift it off and skip to the next step. If not then undo the following screws.

7. Lift these tabs out and set them to the side.

8. Remove the following screws. These hold the metering ring to the body.

9. Now lift the metering ring out of the body. Also slip the lens locking pin out of the body (the little gold tab at the 3 o'clock position in the previous photo).

10. Set the camera body off to the side and now you have your metering ring.