11. *Lift the inside (black) *portion out of the outside (silver) portion. *There is a spring that links the two pieces together so be gentle. *After removing the pieces you will have the following:

12. *Here is the dirt that is causing the ring to stick and not retract to its original position.

13. *Here is the ring on the inner portion. *Its hard to see in the picture but trust me it was there.

14. *Take a bit of rubbing alcohol and use a q-tip to gently clean the dirt off the rings. *Make sure you get all the dirt and allow the parts to dry.

15. *Some of the dirt I removed. *Makes tron_ a very sad man.

16. *Time for reassembly. *Take the spring and loop it around the inner portion first. *The red arrow indicates where the spring attaches to.

17. *Set the inner ring inside the outer ring while snaking the spring through the opening as follows.

18. *Here is a picture showing where the spring attaches on the outer ring.

19. *After reassembling the ring you should have something like this. *If not, it might be time to panic.

20. *Reassembly is just the opposite of assembly!