Part 2: *Seal Replacement (not the kind at the zoo)

1. *Lay out the contents of your seal kit. *I forgot where I ordered mine from (I have been putting off this DIY for some time now) but I will try to find the link. *The contents included:
Bamboo stick to remove old seal material
Electronic wipe
Instructions (useless)
Little cloths

2. *Open the film door on your camera. *If you don't know how to do this, it might be a good thing to learn. *You should be looking at something like this.

3. *Inside the camera on the door you will see this little screw. *Push the screw downwards and the back door will come off.

4. *Removed door.

5. *The first seal I did was the film door seal. *Here you can see the location along with the crusty old seal.

6. *Use the supplied bamboo stick to scrape off the old gunk. *Then use the rubbing alcohol or supplied wipes to get rid of the remaining seal material. *Heres a shot of some dirty q-tips.

7. *All clean!

8. *Here is the new seal along with the film door. *Peel the adhesive strip off the back of the new seal.

9. *And stick that bad boy back in place!

10. *The next seal I wanted to do is the mirror dampening seal. *This protects the mirror from shock every time the mirror flips upwards. *Clean off the old material like in the last step. *Here is a shot of the location cleaned.