11. *New damper seal!

12. *And stuck into place.

13. *Next are two seals on the film door. *They are located on the opposite side of the seal replaced above. *They are pretty small and it took me a second to find them. *Here is the bottom seal.

14. *And the top seal.

15. *New seals looking happy and ready to go in. *A word of advice, be careful putting these in. *you need to slide them under a lip to get them to stick to the film door. *You can lick the back of the seals (not joking) and slide them into place. *Or you could eat them (joking).

16. *Latch end seals in place.

17. *The next two seals are the body seals that seal the gap between the film door and the camera body. *These were a pain in the ass. *Unfortunately I wish I had different seals because these were kind of low quality. *The instructions said they were non adhesive but they clearly had an adhesive strip on the background. *Again start by cleaning out the old seal material. *Here is the seal.

18. *And the gaps we will be stuffing them into.

19. *Start at the side with the film advance and work your way towards the rewind knob.

20. *The seal might be a bit long so you will have to trim it using some scissors or the provided x-acto knife.