Mike, I'd suggest you contact John, as he will have a better idea how to respond as he must have seen your situation before, many times. The portfolio review was very important to me, and gave me, I think, the most actionable feedback from the entire workshop. If you are not in position, however, to bring prints, and some of your negatives, to the workshop you would still learn a lot, but I think you would miss the most personally relevant aspect of it.

I am also not sure if I fully understood your question—perhaps you are asking only about information about the prints. If you mean any printing notes etc, then in our case John did not review those himself. He focused solely on the prints and negatives. However, as he was questioning different aspects of the technique that was used to arrive at a print, I, and some of the other participants, have been referring to our printing notes a lot. For example, this enabled me to remember what paper/developer I have used, what contrast grade was selected, or how did I burn some sections. Also, notes from negatives were useful to me, in particular when answering questions if a negative was N+1 or not, and what developer I have used. Having said that, not everyone seemed to refer to their notes, so they are not critical, especially if you have a good memory.