Doc says... "Digital? Junk. I'd rather have a digital file C-printed than inkjet printed, but for some tradeshow displays that I had done on an Epson 10000, the paper has yellowed. Not ink fade, but paper failure??? Epson crap."


Gotta disagree with you a bit there Doc. I've been toying with piezo prints on a dedicated Epson 1280 that are nothing short of stunning. The inks are all carbon based and supposed to be comparable to platinum in their longevity. That however remains to be seen. Unfortunately many of the paper bases offered don't stand up though. I personally use a rag, watercolor paper for the piezos which enhances the platinum feel of the prints. I've had a test image out on my deck in the sun and rain for almost a year! Although the paper has some water stains, the image hasn't faded a bit.

Although I am a dedicated Silver/Platinum kinda guy, IMO the lure of these piezos can't be denied.