what colors are the respective chemicals in the kits you guys have received? also how do they change over time? i've never used color chemicals before, and the rather lackluster documentation rollei provides has left me quite puzzled at times
i only processed one roll so far, i didn't get to see how it turned out as i am an idiot and opened the tank on accident before the film was fixed
my bleach started out as a rather frightening hue of dark green, and is now the color of strong tea
also my developer started out as a light tea color, but now it's black, like diluted ink? i found this very strange, does this mean it's exhausted? in my experience with b&w development, the developer changing colors means it's usually gone bad or is going bad
the fixer is sort of a light yellow, and the stabilizer is tinged pink like pre-rinse with antihalation layer in it
my kit was a bit leaky as well, it only seemed to be the stabilizer though. makes it annoying to deal with the bottles though, as you're not quite sure what residue might be left on them.