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I definitely recommend the 4 bladed easel, the vt1400 is the V-Track right, I have one they're nice. So here's what I do. First I sacrifice a sheet of the enlarging paper, then on the back I carefully layout and mark my borders. Then I put the paper in the easel making sure that paper is positioned all the way in the slot and slid to the left hand side. Next I align the easel blades, with the border lines I marked on the paper. I also use the paper composing and focusing. When printing just make sure that you position the paper all the way in the slot and slide it to the all the way to the left. This method will give you very consistent borders.

Echo most of that from another Roger, but I don't find it necessary to sacrifice a sheet. I have the V track too - possibly the best easel ever made, certainly the best I ever used. I generally print 6x6 negs to 7.5"x7.5" leaving narrow 1/4" borders on the short side. Just set all four blades by the scale on the side to 7.5 and you're good (or 7 if you want 7x7 with 1/2" borders or whatever.)

On 11x14 paper I similarly print 10.5x10.5.

For larger prints I just got a 16x20 two blade easel and I'll just have to trim the excess. I also picked up a rotary trimmer so it shouldn't be too bad.