I've used a modification of the Ilford method -- it works well. There was a long and bitter debate here several months ago on the relative merits of dichromate vs. permanganate bleaches. Suffice it to say that chromium(VI) is a known carcinogen while manganese(VII) is not. To get rid of the film-stain of brown MnO2 (and bleach residue on your equipment), rinse with dilute sodium metabisulfite (a 3% solution does the trick). For my first developer, I used Kodak HC-110 dilution B to which I added sodium thiosulfate (as a silver solvent) and sodium carbonate (to increase its activity). The re-developer should be something relatively strong -- ID-11 1+3 may be a bit too weak, but stock ID-11 or a paper developer would do the job.