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For the grief you're giving NPR, you are forgetting that they produce stories, worthwhile stories, that would never see light of day in a commercial medium precisely because they wouldn't move enough ad dollars. Public broadcasting is a worthwhile project - if you need further evidence, look at Ken Burns' documentaries on the Civil War and the National Parks. Sure, there are arguments that can be made about Ken Burns' style, but the same arguments can be made in volume about much work on commercial television. Given the scope of Ken Burns' projects, and the amount of airtime they require to view in full, they'd never get aired on CBS or NBC. Even HBO or Starz would be unlikely to fund and air such projects. So I'll gladly keep supporting public broadcasting with my tax dollars and my donations.
I agree that NPR and PBS, also, offer some very interesting programming. I saw a show on my local PBS station in East Lansing, MI that described how Lansing looked 50-75 years ago. It showed pictures and films of things that are no longer here. I loved the show, bc I have a interest in nostalgia. HOWEVER, having said that.......I would never donate one dime to public broadcasting for one reason: More so that even the mainstream media (MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NY Times, etc......) NPR, and PBS are infested with Leftists. I don't mean your mainstream liberal, Democrats...I mean hardcore Leftists. These people (let's just use NPR as an example,) have an agenda, which is PRO-Obama, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel (like the UN, BTW,) pro-Castro, etc...now, they are entitled to their opinions, and they are free to promote whomever they choose-but, not on PUBLIC money. AS a public station, they have responsiblity to be NEUTRAL, politically. Otherwise, sell commercial time. It's a JOKE that MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, etc... openly root for Obama and other Leftists-however, AT LEAST they're not asking for public donations PRETENDING to be real, neutral, journalists.