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You need a negative that is too contrasty even for platinotypes, as salt prints have a very long scale. And remember, you really need to "overprint" salt prints. If it looks a little too dark, it's probably about right. The print will lighten up during your processing (wash, tone, fix...). Good note taking and a consistent light source are key as well.
You're probably right about the neg. It's a Polaroid type 55 neg cleared in sodium sulfite. It prints well on grade 3 paper, but too flat for salt prints. I first used my newly made UV light box and my print was disappointingly flat. But the 11A sun in Northern California sure added more contrast, but not quite enough. I might want to experiment boosting the contrast by using the potassium dichromate that came with the kit. I have started taking notes. It's sure a different world than silver gelatin printing. Love the look of salt prints though.