When printing, do you tone all of your prints? For a uniformed body of work, that is? I would think that to match your "style" you would want to be consistent in the appearance of your prints, so do you always tone your prints similarly? Or do you select the toner based on the scene? Are there some you simply don't tone at all?

Also, I know it's been discussed at length, but if you are going to frame behind glass, do you see a need to use fiber over rc paper? I made some 11x14 prints last night in RC and toned them this morning ... could never have done this so quickly with fiber paper. Will I notice a difference once they are framed and behind glass anyway? I have a set of 8x10's on the wall of my kids - 1/2 RC and 1/2 Fiber, and I swear I cannot tell the difference!

Thanks and be nice.