Hi Katie,

I tone most of my prints, and use a variety of toners for different results.

For example, all my portraits are now printed using Ilford MGWT semimatte, and those are selenium toned to get rid of a fairly ugly green cast to the paper.

All my other prints are on standard Ilford MGIV paper, and I use Moersch Carbon, Moersch MT-3, and selenium toners in varying combinations to get what I want in the final print.

As you suggest I go for a cohesive look to each series of pictures, and tone all landscapes the same, and then while different I tone all street shots the same, etc.
Your choice of RC vs fiber isn't something I'd like to be snobbish or arrogant about, but if you for example use Ilford MGIV RC and fiber papers, it would be important that they are of the same tonality, toning properties, and printing speed, in case you want to make another print of the same negative down the road. If I were you I'd stick to one kind, for the sake of consistency. It's easier to not go insane in the darkroom that way, and keeps you from choosing when you print, so you can just get on with interpreting negatives.

My two cents.