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I agree that NPR and PBS, also, offer some very interesting programming. I saw a show on my local PBS station in East Lansing, MI that described how Lansing looked 50-75 years ago. It showed pictures and films of things that are no longer here. I loved the show, bc I have a interest in nostalgia. HOWEVER, having said that.......I would never donate one dime to public broadcasting for one reason: More so that even the mainstream media (MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NY Times, etc......) NPR, and PBS are infested with Leftists. I don't mean your mainstream liberal, Democrats...I mean hardcore Leftists. These people (let's just use NPR as an example,) have an agenda, which is PRO-Obama, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel (like the UN, BTW,) pro-Castro, etc...now, they are entitled to their opinions, and they are free to promote whomever they choose-but, not on PUBLIC money. AS a public station, they have responsiblity to be NEUTRAL, politically. Otherwise, sell commercial time. It's a JOKE that MSNBC, CNN, NY Times, etc... openly root for Obama and other Leftists-however, AT LEAST they're not asking for public donations PRETENDING to be real, neutral, journalists.
If you think NPR and PBS are, in your parlance, "Leftists", then you don't know the meaning of the word. In the US, what passes for "Leftist" is just somewhat to the left of Attila and Hitler. We have Democrats (center-right), Moderates (right), and Republicans (far-right to extreme far-right). NPR just as often undermines their so-called "leftist bias" with presenting un-critical opinions of the right as they do un-critical opinions of the left. And just because someone is pro-Palestinian does not make them anti-Israel. Both peoples have a right to exist, and both peoples deserve a homeland. The problem lies in the fact that both groups claim the same piece of land and neither group wants to share. Despite the fact that if you did DNA screening on non-European Jews and indigenous Arab populations, you probably couldn't tell them apart without labels on the test tubes. Neither side can claim to be right when they both keep provoking each other with actions that they KNOW will set the other side off on a series of reprisals.