I have acquired a few items that I don't foresee myself using. I'd like to obtain some stuff I will use ... like 35mm film spools/tanks, 11x14 trays ... 35mm film, paper, contrast filters ... maybe some other stuff. If I have something you want, let me know and maybe we can work something out! Analog Power!

Contax 139Q Databack (new in box with booklet)
Vivitar (Vintage) Flash Z bracket
Vivitar Flash Power Pack (takes AA batteries, gives more juice)
Vivitar C/Y flash module
All the cables to connect this stuff to a Flash such as Vivitar 285 / 283
Came with a Zoom Thrystor 2600 (I think) ... but the flash doesn't work; everything else does.
You can have the flash if you want it and have the know-how to harvest parts or repair it.

(sorry this wasn't more exciting)