My subjects - landscapes, urban landscapes and architecture all get pretty much homogeneous treatment. MGIV FB/Dektol, toned lightly in Selenium - just enough to keep the tone neutral, give some slight intensification, and a slight increase in Dmax.

There are no rules here. George Tice, one of my very favourite printers, uses a wide variety of papers/developers/toning depending on how each image prints. On the other end is a guy like John Sexton (another incredible printer), who uses a very narrow range of materials (the vast majority of his work is Kodak Polymax Fine Art FB in Dektol with a light Selenium toning).

The only suggestion I'd make is to stick with a limited selection of materials until you've got a lot of experience. And I mean A LOT. A guy like Tice has had the time and eye to master the subtelties of a large array of materials. Most people, being part time photographers - even very serious and/or talented ones - will never be able to do that, even if they think they can. Mostly they are fooling themselves.

Keep it simple.