The Image Permanence Institute has some good publications, and reference materials like the "Preservation Calculator", "Guide to Acetate based Film Storage", "Guide to Color..." etc. But they have a neat interactive display now called, "stored Alive"--you all might find this interesting:

There are alot of good resources online for preservation and accelerated testing topics, but Wilhelm's book is in parts as pdf files now, and there's a conservator's environmental pollution site that has a good research paper on accelerated aging test variables and inkjets materials, as well as examples of peroxide attacks on RC papers.

general conservation topics:

Here's the NPS Museum Handbook (also check the Conserve-o-grams), go to Part II, appendix K , deals with recommendations for their site photography , note this would be for the sites without photo staff)

NEDCC's "Preservation 101" lesson 7:

I'll leave y'all the links--KT