Thanks everyone! This all makes sense ... I think in order for me to print my best, I need to have order and symmetry to my habits. If I stick with one setup and master it - then I'll move on. I have had a hell of a time trying all these papers I have (maybe I will sell some that I'm not using) and trying to get the best out of them. I have some pretty old paper that I've tried, and of course not satisfied due to fogging (yes, I ordered some benzotriazole) I am testing out different toning techniques, too.

I need to simplify. I don't get enough time to print anyway, so the few hours I have should be spent actually printing and not printing 7 of the same print to test out toning techniques. Yes, I just did that. I was pretty stoked about doing my first 11x14 and wanted to have several copies to play with. Oddly enough, my favorite was not toned (just briefly bleached in ferri to bring out the whites).

I will limit my materials in hopes of getting this down to where it's printing and not testing. That's where I want to be anyway. I have another question, but will post it in another thread. I'm having printers block.