Welcome to the way it is for most of us, Katie.

You will need to find what work for you, and over time. Take your time, don't try to be so rushed. Be more methodical about how you make an image in camera. The better the negative the easier it is to make a good print. It saves time and money to get it right in camera.

Make sure the prints you make, make it to the finished product, whether that is a framed piece or just well kept in a print box.

Ask yourself are you trying to make art, or simply a good photograph? Or are they one and the same for you?

The other thing is you are still finding your niche for what your work flow is. As you create better negatives and gain more experience in the darkroom, you will find that you can start to eyeball what you need to do to make a good print from a given negative.

Your last few questions are the ones that need to be answered.

Best of luck