My time in the darkroom is precious as well, and I tend to go into each session with specific goals like Valerie. I'll process film, or make proof prints (I skip contact sheets for a variety of reasons) or make 11x14's. I have a gallery that represents my work, so it's always good for me to bring new work in for his flat files on occasion. If I'm printing, I print tops two negatives. (I don't generally have more time as the kids get home around three and all the mom fun starts, you know the drill I'm sure.) I try to get in there at least twice a week. (Tomorrow is film processing!! Can't wait!)

Working in the darkroom is a very zen thing... as Valerie said, don't rush it, relish it, embrace it, enjoy it. After a few months, you might have a portfolio you feel confident to share with the world, and you never know... the work may find an audience.