Katie, when I go in the darkroom it's for one of three reasons, to develop film, make contact sheets, or work on a particular negative. I always plan what I'm going to print ahead of time. I'll even plan it out in my head for days before the actual printing session. I'm thinking of things like 'do I want to use split grade printing on this negative?' 'I will probably need to burn the sky for whatever amount,' 'may need to dodge this area..' etc. All this while staring at the contact sheet of the negative. Along with making contact prints I also scan my film and play around with it in PS. This is a huge help. I can adjust contrast, crop, tone it different ways, and live with the image before I even need to play with it in the darkroom. Then after a while some photographs will stick with me and others will seem not so important. My point is.. I need a photograph to prove its importance to me over time before it is worthwhile for me to spend a days printing session working on it. I never print anything I shot in the last few months, unless it's of people. And I do only work with one negative at a time. I'll leave it in the enlarger and that way if the next day I'm not happy with the prints or I ruin them during toning, the neg is still there, clean, ready to be printed.