Okay ROL - I just spit my drink out laughing at the "be nice" comment. I think that might have to be the new theme of my imaginary gallery show.

To qualify that statement, I think you should know more about me and how I ended up in the darkroom to begin with....

Like Suzanne (and I think valerie) I am primarily a mother and a photographer/artist second. I recently (2 years ago) left the city and moved to a small town for many reasons. I hated the ratrace, wanted my children to grow up like I did, and frankly the lure of a community that appreciates how things "used to be" really appeals to me. I lost all my clients and a very nice portrait business and didn't care. I really didn't want to be one of those "pixie sparkle butterfly mother with a digital camera so I am now a professional portrait photographer kind of people". Digital was really good to me, but extremely unfulfilling. I started with film and knew its qualities - and so I returned. I do not want to be a puppy mill photographer. I mostly do volunteer work here with my digi - and really have no desire for "portrait clients" at this time. I'm not really a good conformist people person... And felt that artist fit me better.

SO... what do I want out of my darkroom? Something beautiful I guess. I'm pretty ass-backwards when it comes to modern conveniences and I am one of those that wishes people still used typewriters and manners. I think life itself should and can mimic the art I want to create. In my world, people have southern manners regardless of the situation. If someone really makes you angry, you tell them "well, bless your heart" - not whatever anachronism kids use these days. I have turned in to one of those people that says "those young people" and "when I was young"; and I am only 38.

See how I ended up in a darkroom yet?

So the analog world and I are like "peas and carrots" - if only I could tell myself what I am supposed to be doing. Beautiful things. That's all I want!