First off, I know exactly how you feel. I don't get as much time for photography as I'd like. I do best and feel the most successful if I go in with a plan of some sort. If not, I just feel frantic the whole time and never accomplish anything.
I make contact sheets of every roll and every sheet I develop. I use a standard time and settings so I know from that contact sheet how each frame might print. That gives me a little bit of a head start if I print that frame. I usually don't have more than 2 or 3 rolls, tops, so doing those contact sheets doesn't take much time. I always do them first, too. That way, if I'm going to print fiber the rest of the session, I can get them washed and out of the way (I don't leave RC and fiber in the water hold together since RC can scratch the fiber). And I have them as a reference if I'm going to print something from that roll. It works better for me than using a loupe and looking at negs.
Sometimes, I go in with a plan of trying something new. That usually doesn't go as I expected and I don't always feel like it was a great day. But it's still a better day than one that I didn't do any photography.
The most new frames I'd ever try to get a really good fiber print from in one session is two. And those would have to have been tried before, just not perfected. If I'm going to do work prints (first tries at a frame to see if I like it bigger and at what contrast), I can pump out two frames an hour at least. I use the same paper I've been using for the last ten years or so and I've been printing and paying attention to how I do it for that long at least, too. I'm not a great printer, but I can usually get a print I like.