When I go into my darkroom, I have a goal and my goals are very modest.

Just few days ago, I went in and made 6 contact sheets. That was it.

I am planning to go into my DR either today or tomorrow. My goal is to make a semi-finished good print of just ONE frame. (this is on RC paper)
Then next day, I will go in and finish printing that frame. I do it this way because it takes me a while to properly judge the test print. I leaned, if I try to finish it on the same day, I tend to go through huge number of sheets and find out I either don't like any of them or I like the very first or second one. I also made my "master piece" and very next day, decided it was not to my liking. Having the piece completely dry, my mind refreshed, and seeing it in different light seems to make a huge difference in my ability to judge my own work.

If I have to make complicated adjustments, I sometimes take multiple days for a frame. If I'm printing FB paper, it almost always takes at least 3 days to finish one frame. First day is always for just to make some rough prints. Second day to evaluate and fine tune. Third day to make the final print. The tonality and the density always seem to shift from hair-dryer dry to completely dry and pressed the next day.

I don't know about you but I don't do it commercially. It's not fun when I rush myself.