Street photography uses the techniques of straight photography in that it shows a pure vision of something, like holding up a mirror to society. Street photography often tends to be ironic and can be distanced from its subject matter, and often concentrates on a single human moment, caught at a decisive or poignant moment. On the other hand, much street photography takes the opposite approach and provides a very literal and extremely personal rendering of the subject matter, giving the audience a more visceral experience of walks of life they might only be passingly familiar with.

Participating photographers include: Don David, Robert Alter, Maureen Donah, Kathleen Carr, Robyn Day, Bob Cantius, Richard Pearce, R. Mark Burke, Henry C. Miller, George Greenstein, Brent Seabrook, David Holzapfel, Tony Donovan, Matt Jiggins, Tony Schwartz, Geoff Van Kirk, Bernard Kubiak, Greg Saulmon, Paul Miller, Kiera McTigue, Larry Mizrahi, Liz LaVorgna, Anita Licis-Ribak, Andrew Hodgdon, Robert Cullinane, Moti Zemelman, Cynthia Hughes, Sarah Holbrook, Bill Dixon, Annie Flanagan, Mary Bachmann, Brian Yordnoff, Daniel Peters, Roger Turner, Michael Havey, & Colin Havey.

The show is open from March 2 - Apr 1
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