So I'm selling my new digital rangefinder, a Canon G12, and am looking to buy a small rangefinder or similar film camera.

Right now I have no idea what I am doing. I've been traveling with a Nikon F4 and a 50mm /1.4 lens, but thats big a bulky. I want something smaller and lighter, and above all quieter. My only requirements are that it have...

1. Manual focus
2. a 35 or 50mm with /2.8 or larger
3. be able to accept a filter
5. Aperture priority or at least in camera metering.
6. Be less than $400
7. 35mm

I don't want to spend much since it will travel with me and get banged around, beat up and probably lost eventually. I'll be shooting Delta 400 full time. I'm not really shooing anything in particular, its a travel camera, so it will shoot whatever I feel is interesting at the time.